Evangecube International Ministries Open

Apr 04, 2003 11:13 AM EST

Evangecube Global Ministries open up opportunities to share the gospel worldwide, to fill their goal of evangelizing one billion people by 2010. Nathan Sheets of EGM says, “We have a number of different short term mission trips ranging anywhere from one month which we call "Torch Projects" all the way to a seven to ten to twelve day mission trips. Those trips range anywhere from India to Africa up into Russia to Southeast Asia and even one here in the United State up in New York.” Sheets says the simplicity of the Evangecube allows the presentation of the gospel to cross cultural and language barriers. “As a presenter, I also have the confidence to be able to present the message of Jesus Christ because I can simply look down at the pictures and be able to understand what's next and what part of the Gospel presentation I'm making.”

By Pauline J.