Open Doors in Africa

Apr 05, 2003 05:12 PM EST

Worldwide Christian Schools makes progress in eight programs across Africa. Dale Dieleman with WCS says, “Everything from curriculum for AIDS to use in classrooms, to construction projects, to income generation projects. In one school we helped them build a poultry farm. They’re going to be producing eggs and selling them locally.” Dieleman says they’ve gone in with less then 90-thousand dollars and partnered with local villages to realize their goals. “We are really encouraging local resources, whether that be in-kind resources in terms of donated labor, volunteer labor, whatever. Or whether or not they are also participating in the fund raising aspects of this so that it’s a real partnership in terms of sharing.” The projects span such diverse countries as Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda and open doors to sharing God’s word.

By Pauline J.