African Anglicans Say No to Homosexuality

( [email protected] ) Jul 03, 2003 04:03 AM EDT

As a controversy of legitimizing homosexual bishops in Anglican churches has been increased, Anglican Church leaders in Africa made clear of their opposing standpoint against the homosexuality issue, CNSNews reported on 30 June.

The head of the Anglican Church in Kenya, Archbishop Benjamin Nzimbi, stressed those advancing consecration of the Rev. Jeffery John, an open homosexual, were "throwing themselves out of the holy communion."

Nzimbi also criticized that Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams as a 'nominal' leader who has no biblical standard in homosexuality.

"We are completely opposed to such an ordination and marriage. It doesn't follow any of biblical principles or Christian ethics," he said.

Peter Akinola, a Nigerian Archbishop also insisted that African Anglicans would "sever relationships with anyone who strays over the boundaries."

"For the past decades, the rich churches of Europe, America and Canada used their wealth to intimidate their poorer counterparts in Africa," Akinola stressed by a written statement.

He also said that the African churches should refuse to receive financial support from the wealthy Western churches and condemn the spiritual bankrupcy of them at the same time.

"African churches should become financially independent," he added.

In Uganda, Livingstone Mpalanyi-Nkoyoyo said the country also opposed the consecration of a homsexual bishop. "If the Church of England went ahead with this plan, the Ugandan church would consider its options. But our church was optimistic that it would not take place in the end," he said.

Henry Naedo, an Anglican media worker in East Africa emphasized the consecration is sinful and anti-biblical.

An official of the African Inland Church in Nairobi commented on this issue that the approval of homosexuality in church should be rejected by all means.

Among 77 million Anglicans throughout the world, there are about 20 million African Anglicans, mostly in the developing countries, where opposes homosexuality in church.

In most of the developing world, including West Indies, South and Southeast Asia and South America, Anglican churches are strongly rejecting the consecration.