Behaviour Change the Remedy for HIV/Aids, Says Bishop

( [email protected] ) Jul 04, 2003 01:24 PM EDT

THE retired Bishop of the South Rwenzori Diocese, Zebedde Masereka, has warned that unless emphasis is put on behaviour change, the HIV/AIDS scourge would continue to be a problem, writes Vision Reporter.

"Peoples' morals have degenerated so much. They are led by instinct and not by reason. So unless behaviour change is emphasised in the war against HIV/AIDS, the disease will stay abundantly," Masereka warned.

Masereka was recently speaking at Kaserengete village of Bwera town in Kasese district during the the opening of an HIV/AIDS counselling centre.

The centre was funded by AMOT Community, a Christian organisation in Norway.

The sh20m centre provides community health and HIV/AIDS education and counselling. It intends to engage in promotion of culture, research and peace building and reconciliation. Masereka encouraged residents to utilise the centre to establish their HIV/AIDS status, warning that the disease was on the increase in Kasese.