Cfem in Triple Celebrations

( [email protected] ) Jul 07, 2003 04:09 AM EDT

Marks 10th anniversary, founder's 50th birthday, dedicates auditorium

Members of Christ Family Evangelical Mission (CFEM), Agbado, Ogun State , had cause recently to thank God and rejoice as they marked the 10th anniversary of the Church, the 50th birthday anniversary of the Founder/General Overseer, Pastor Clement Alogbe, and the dedication of the new auditorium of the Church.

The occasion was witnessed by pastors and eminent personalities from all nook and crannies of Ogun and Lagos States.

The Church's choir was up to the task as it dished out scintillating gospel music to the enjoyment of all present.

A joyous Alogbe told City Diary that the Church, which started in October 1992, as a fellowship in his seating room, was initially faced with a lot of difficulties, especially when part of the building they were using for worship collapsed, stating that majority of his followers with little faith left the Church but said he was grateful today that they have all now returned.

In his words: " It was not easy when we started as a fellowship in my seating room, especially when part of the building we were using collapsed in 1997. Most of our members, who had little faith left. Thank God they have all now come back to the Church".

He called on Nigerians to always pray for the peaceful existence of the country, advising against the attitude of pointing accusing fingers on government alone when it is obvious that we are part of the problem of the country and we can contribute to the solutions of the problems.

The Man of God said people from other parts of the world, particularly the United States of America (USA) were itching to come to Nigeria to learn about righteousness and morality, stating that those he came across during his short stay in the USA, recently, were of the opinion that they have not seen any country like Nigeria with so many churches, worshippers and pastors.

Speaking earlier during the commissioning of the Church building, the Pastor of Solid Rock Assembly, Redeemed Church, Ojodu, Ikeja, congratulated members of the Church, stating that no one can stop what God has ordained as the occasion was the beginning of their expection. The celebration, he said, was a bus-stop but not a terminal because better days of more celebration were coming.

"Your present celebration is a bus-stop but not a terminal point. For instance, if you are traveling to Ibadan and your vehicle develops a fault on the way, your going back or moving forward depends on what you want. Thus the journey of this Church is still ahead. God still have better things ahead for the church", the pastor told the congregation, imploring them to reserve their energy for greater celebration ahead.