World Vision conducts rehabilitation of schools in Iraq

( [email protected] ) Jun 26, 2003 01:23 PM EDT

World Vision celebrated its first school rehabilitation in Iraq on June 21, Reuters reported. The western Iraq based team examined final work and completed paperwork at the Al Rutba primary school.

The local contractors completed plastering, painting, electrical re-wiring and installing water tanks, toilets and drinking fountains.

The school principal, Mfadi Abdellatif, 45, was delighted with reconstruction. "We finally have an improved school after long years of ruins. The children will enjoy coming back to school."

The classes start in September with a 'fresh school.' Teachers believe this change will move children's hearts and will bring hope and brighter future.

Layth Fadiq Mamoud, Electrical supervisor appreciated World Vision's effort in improving the school.

Layth said "our children now have the opportunity to be educated again. I hope they have the same opportunity that children in other countries have. We are looking forward to see them learning about computers and internet."

On 21 World Vision assisted the UN Development Programme(UNDP) deliver generators in Al Rutba. The two generators will support a water pumping station which feeds one of the three supply lines to the city's 25,000 people.

UNDP sought World Vision's facilitation of delivery as it is teh only NGO in Al Rutba.

Moreover, in Mosul, northern Iraq, World Vision is helping to ensure enough supplies of medicines which can fulfil the 14 hospitals' needs. International Organisation of Migration and the World Food Programme ensure people have food, medicines, shelters and emergency aid.

The rehabilitation of schools was once neglected during the previous government's reign but now 130 primary and secondary schools are under rehabilitation. World Vision continues to conduct child protection assessment and analysis in the area.