Church And Islam in Closer Ties

( [email protected] ) Nov 05, 2003 09:08 AM EST

A delegation from the National Popular Congress, NCP, headed by Sheikh Doctor Hassan El Turabi visited Cardinal Gabriel Zubeir Wako in the premises of St. Matthew's Cathedral in Khartoum on November 1, 2003, the communications office of Khartoum Archdiocese told CISA.

Sheikh El Turabi, the chairman of the National Popular Congress (NCP), (who had been under house arrest for more than a year) congratulated the Cardinal for his appointment and his role in enhancing inter-religious dialogue in the Sudan and reiterated the need for Muslims and Christians to continue working for peace.

On his part, Cardinal Zubeir stated that the Sudan has remained impressed in the mind and heart of the Pope, particularly after the warm welcome he had in his visit to the country in 1993.

The Cardinal explained his role as cardinal in regards to the Sudan, Africa and the Universal Church.

He also declared that he was praying that God help him understand the specific role he had to play in the Sudan and the Universal Church.

Another member of the NPC acknowledged that a Sudanese Cardinal could help Muslims and Christians to work for the formation of souls and for peace. On behalf of the NPC party, he also congratulated the Archbishop for having been chosen as cardinal and said, "As a Cardinal, your voice will be heard and respected in Sudan, African and in the world."

El Turabi added that both Christians and Muslims should develop peace through dialogue and coexistence. As he was leaving the compound, a reporter from Al Gezira TV asked him whether the Church could be the best channel for dialogue with Southerners, and El Turabi's response was affirmative.

The NCP delegation, composed of Muslims and Christians, included Sheik Abrahim Al-Sanossi, Abrahim Abd Haffis, Dr Bashir Adam Rahama, Mohamad Al-Amin Khalifa, Johannes Ngang and Musa Almaq Kur.