Akume Urges Christians to Trust God

( [email protected] ) Nov 11, 2003 11:30 AM EST

Benue State Governor, Mr. George Akume, has urged Christians to put their trust in God, who alone, he said, is capable of uplifting the humble to positions of authority and influence.

Akume, who spoke while attending a harvest and thanksgiving service at the NKST Church lortyer, in Makurdi, gave an example of himself, saying that if God could lift up the son of a peasant farmer to become governor of a state, He could also lift up others who trust in him.

He attributed his rise to the present position to the mercy of God and goodwill of the people of Benue State, disclosing that he comes from a very humble background in which his father was a farmer while his mother was a local brewer and seller of palm oil.

He said he has several reasons to be grateful to God one of which was the miraculous deliverance he, some governors and other dignitaries, received when their plane crashlanded in Kano after the launching of the Universal Basic Education programme in Sokoto in the early part of his first tenure.

According to Akume it was unfortunate that people who call themselves Christians took part in rituals which involved the sacrifice of human beings and animals in order to win elections adding that if God did not uplift someone, no matter his efforts, they will not yield any positive fruits.