Presby Church Holds Children's Bazaar

( [email protected] ) Nov 14, 2003 11:32 AM EST

A special children's and youth bazaar has been held at the Efua Sutherland Park.

The bazaar, which was part of the activities to mark the 175th anniversary celebrations of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, was attended by over 5,000 children and youth from the Ga Presbytery.

Among the activities were football, table tennis, ludo, horse riding, cycling and eating competition.

Addressing the gathering, the Deputy Minister of Women and Children's Affairs, Hon. Kofi Poku Adusei, urged churches to deepen the ethics of morality among children and the youth since they were valuable assets to the nation.

He advised the children and the youth to lead upright lives and desist from heinous crimes and evil. "Sin distances us from God and when God leaves us, we will be in darkness. Jesus Christ radiates joy and love and as we celebrate this great occasion, let us remember the sacrifice the missionaries made for our sake."

The Deputy Minister advised the children to be courteous, obedient, respectful, cheerful, sincere and truthful, which are the hallmarks of Presbyterianism.

The Chairman of the 175th Anniversary Planning Committee, Rev. Peter Kodjo, urged the children to be disciplined and strive to walk in the light of the Lord.