Cleric Laments Proliferation of Quack Pastors

( [email protected] ) Nov 17, 2003 10:07 AM EST

An everlasting punishment awaits preachers who use the pulpit to dupe the masses in the name of God, the founder of the Living Faith Foundation, the Reverend P. J. A. Olaiya has said.

He said at a press conference ahead of the National Convention of the foundation at Alheri Camp kilometre 31 on the Kaduna - Abuja highway, that those he described as "quacks" among the clergy were doing incalculable damage to the word of God and "no amount of prayers can save them when God's grave curse comes upon them."

Rev. Olaiya, however said the only way to obliterate the antics of such false prophets is to offer the true faith to the masses, pointing out that any man of God who decides to exploit and spiritually abuse their flock have contributed to societal ills.

He said over one million worshippers are expected at the national convention which is taking place daily from Wednesday 26th to Sunday 30th November, 2003 from 5.30pm daily. He said the night of Friday 28th will be a night of miracles and blessings.

Rev. Olaiya said corruption in Nigeria can only stop if the people decide to live a more transparent lifestyle and not through government fiat.

He urged the country's leadership to pray or ask for God's guidance in all they do and place the interests of the masses first.

"Democracy can not work magic. We need to be more patient with ourselves. Government is a reflection of the generality of Nigerians," Rev. Olaiya declared.

He said at the convention a new product in the list of gospel services called "sorting out" which will help unravel the mysteries of strange and long term challenges which refuse to yield to regular prayers will be introduced.

He said the product "acts as a seer which goes beyond unravelling the mysteries surrounding challenges, to reveal the things ahead, to prepare you against the undesirables of the future."

Rev. Olaiya said the programme also," acts as a revival catalyst that uproots spiritual decadence from the life of the slumbering Christians and puts him back on fire, out of sin and on the run for Jesus. It has restored a lot of backsliders and set them back on flight with the gospel."

Sorting out, he said, "makes you better. It links you with your destiny by cutting off all the shackles that have held you from reaching fulfilment in your finances, marriage, health, career and spiritual life."