Exercise Concern for One Another, Bishops Urge

( [email protected] ) Dec 04, 2003 09:19 AM EST

The Catholic Bishops of Zimbabwe have urged the people of that southern African nation to care for the needy among them, and resist any selfish tendencies exerted on them by economic hardships.

The Bishops also presented to fellow Zimbabweans what they termed the "four pillars of peace", namely: "truth, justice, love and freedom".

Without these, "peace is unachievable", the Zimbabwe Episcopal Conference (ZEC) said in a November 30, 2003 pastoral statement for Advent 2003 sent to CISA.

"This peace, which is a gift from God, has became a rare commodity in our country," the ZEC said in their statement, 'Peace in a Divided Zimbabwe'.

"During this Advent," the pastors said, "we call upon citizens to go beyond tolerance, and accept the demands of love. Love is recognition of the humanity of others and the reality of their needs. The Economic hardships on people have fostered individualistic tendencies."

"While it is true the economic crisis often leads people to take desperate measures in order to survive, it is equally important that we should retain our moral responsibility towards our neighbours, particularly the poor members of our society," the ZEC said.