Transformation Day of Prayer in Africa draws millions

( [email protected] ) May 04, 2004 09:24 AM EDT

Thousands of worshippers gathered in stadiums throughout the continent this past Sunday for the fourth annual Transformation Day of Prayer in Africa. In all, 53 countries of Africa united to pray for the healing of the “dark continent”. The continental gatherings were organized by Transformation Africa.

All together, several million Africans have reported joined in prayer, gathering at prayer events in more than 50 cities across the continent and its five islands. Founder of the event Graham Power said this year was the first year the entire continent had prayed together.

In Cape Town, South Africa, 35,000 worshippers gathered at Newlands Rugby Stadium for the Day of Prayer, themed “Our Father, Our Provider”. With a collection of African state flags lined up along one side of the rugby field, a large vibrant choir swinging orange and yellow flags, and an excited audience, the stadium was transformed into a colorful affair. In just under 30 minutes, the crowds kneeled, stood up, held hands, and prayed in unison. According to media spokesman Siegfried Jegels, the theme was aimed at encouraging Africans to turn to God for help in the continent’s problems.

The keynote speaker at the Cape Town venue, president and founder of Harvest Evangelism Ed Silvoso spoke and prayed about issues such as AIDS, famine, drought, and the continent’s social instability. Similar messages were preached during the continental event. Transformation Zambia national coordinator, Reverend Mpundu Mutala said Christians were praying against challenges the continent of Africa and that the devastating HIV/AIDS in Africa could only be conquered if people came together and sought God’s mercy, love and care. In Zambia, scores of Christians joined for the event, which was aired live on Christian Voice Radio.

Rev. Mutala said that there was a need for the Church to pray for leaders in Zambia so that they could receive God’s blessings as they govern. “The Church in Zambia has played an important role in the fight against HIV/AIDS and so far, we have achieved something. This can be seen in the number of people we are burying every day—it has reduced tremendously,” Rev. Mutala said.

Transformation Zambia communication director Dr. Grace Malenga said levels of HIV/AIDS in Uganda had drastically reduced because Christians in that country came together and prayed. Dr. Malenga urged Christians in Zambia to rise up to the challenge and use the inter-denominational conference to pray against problems the country was facing.

In a continent large enough to contain Europe, the US, and China, the prayers of millions came together as one on the historic day. One attendant commented, “I come here to give thanks to the Lord. It is important for the nation to be part of this so that there can be a connection among us.”

“A nation that prays together, stays together,” stated another.

A global Transformation Prayer Day is planned for May 15, 2005. The plan is to start praying as the sun comes up in the East (New Zealand) in different time slots until the sun sets in the West (USA). The event will be hosted World Enquiry International Coalition Steering Committee and involve leaders from around the world . The meeting will take place from June 16-18 2004 in Korea.