South Africa Region Conference to Tackle Troubled Society

( [email protected] ) Jun 04, 2004 02:42 PM EDT

The International Association for the Study of Youth Ministries (IASYM) is co-working with the South African Christian Leaders Assembly (SACLA) to host an event just outside of Johannesburg in South Africa. It will be held July 7-11.

The conference is designed to focus on key issues of changing society and an expected number of 800 participants are expected to attend. Issues that are to be tackled are major problems faced in Africa each day especially amongst young people and their society such as unemployment, poverty, racism, sexism, HIV/AIDS, disintegration of the family and many more.

The conference will be divided into four tracks: youth leaders in Churches, schools and universities and Futurewatch. Futurewatch is a track for those who are teaching, studying, and researching youth ministries, youth culture and those who are involved in high-level development in youth issues. Those who wish to participate in Futurewatch must be members of IASYM.

This event aims to attract top academics and practitioners in the field of youth ministry and associated disciplines.

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