Preparing for the Aftermath of War

Apr 12, 2003 05:08 PM EDT

With the end of the war in sight, humanitarian aid agencies are preparing to move to help relieve the refugee crises in Iraq. World Vision's Steve Matthews says the plan was to deal with the war victims needs in two phases. "Phase one was to deal with refugees in some of the six countries surrounding Iraq. But, as I say there hasn't been very many, probably not more than a thousand or so. Phase two of World Vision's program is go inside Iraq and it looks like World Vision is probably going to be working in an area that is Biblically known as Ninevah." The assistance is presented as a gift from God. Matthews is asking people to pray. "I think you can pray specifically for the safety of the aid workers over here, because when we do go inside Iraq -- that is the most volatile moment for us because there will be a vacuum inside Iraq. It's expected there will be very volatile situations."

By Pauline J.