'Choose Life' Plates Now Available to Louisiana Drivers

Nov 06, 2002 03:00 AM EST

"Choose Life" license plates are now available for Louisiana residents – but one pro-life activist still has concerns about the ownership of their proceeds.

Though a challenge is still pending, the U.S. Supreme Court has lifted an injunction filed by pro-abortion activists -- and the plates are now for sale. Kathleen Benefield, director of the American Family Association of New Orleans, says while it is encouraging that the plates have survived court challenges, she is not very optimistic about who will receive the benefits.

Proceeds from sale of the plates are intended to help babies get adopted. But Benefield says some of the money could end up in the wrong hands.

"[Pro-abortion activists] are challenging the distribution of the money [from plate sales] and arguing that groups such as Planned Parenthood should be able to receive the money -- and that it's discriminatory not to allow the money to go to Planned Parenthood," Benefield explains. "Again, that's another bogus, desperate legal attempt to thwart these plates and the distribution of the money to women in crisis pregnancies."

Benefield says it is ridiculous to consider allowing proceeds from a “Choose Life” plate go to the world's number one abortion provider. She says the only "choice" Planned Parenthood believes in is death for the baby.

As she puts it: "They only support choice when the choice is abortion."

By Albert H. Lee