Helping Israel as a Biblical Mandate

Mar 29, 2003 10:00 AM EST

Messianic Jews and Evangelical Christians pour funds and humanitarian aid to Israel, reflecting the broader trend among Jewish and Christian groups towards achieving mutual benefits.

"It's clear in the Bible that God wants me and other Christians to stand with Israel," said Earl Cox, founder of the Front Page Jerusalem, a radio network among Israeli Christians.

Members of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America believe aiding Israel is the fulfillment of a biblical mandate and prophecy. The Springfield based MJAA distributes millions of dollars in aid through 22 “blessing centers” located across Israel under the name, “the Joseph Project.”

MJAA General Secretary Joel Chernoff said the project was a clear, prophetic call of God. According to Chernoff, God indicated to him in 1996 that a million Jews would be "frightened or driven out of Eastern Europe and Russia and immigrate to Israel," he said. The prophetic word was "much like the one given to Joseph to prepare for famine in Egypt."

The Joseph Project has filled 33 containers of humanitarian aid that have been distributed by Messianic Jewish groups in Israel to date. Two cargo ships are expected to make about 30 trips in the next two years, delivering 75 to 100 40-ton containers of aid.

"A million Israelis live below the poverty level," Chernoff said. "While we are meeting current needs, we are also preparing for the flood of Jewish immigrants in the future. We want to help our brothers and sisters get ready."

Cox agrees with Chernoff in believing the need to support Israel. "You cannot love Jesus without loving Israel," he said. "God has called me to wake up Christians by broadcasting Israel's side of the story."

By Pauline J.