N. Korea Abductees want US to give a hand

Jun 09, 2003 11:21 AM EDT

Representatives of ralated groups who care for the abductees by North Korea gathered in Washington DC for a news conference and beseeched North Korea to return the abductees and to improve the human rights in North Korea.

The representatives issued a statement in National Press Center, Washington DC and appealed "Even though 2.3 million North Koreans have starved to death, North Korean government are madly eagered to make weapons for mass destruction. Kim Jung Il administration should imprve the human rights problem in North Korea and send the abductees back to where they belong."

Those representatives appealed in the "Letter to Americans", "president George W. Bush and the responsible leaders must call upon the terrorist government and Kim Jong Il that abduction is the immoral crime which cannot be approved."

They are all 7 members including Woo Young Choi from Families of the Abducted and Detained in North Korea (FAD), Sung Ryong Choi from Families of Abductees of North Korea Congregation, Sung Ho Kim chief director and Mi Il Lee ex-chief director of Korean War Abductees' Family Union.

They also explained the purpose of this news conference saying "we visited US to stir the campaign of sending abductees back home globally by letting the international society know the specific situation about 80 thousand abductees of North Korea and 486 more abducted after war."

On 7 they delivered the petition to UN, New York and met Congress officials, Sam Brownback, Georgiff Pitts, US Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, Council on Foreign Relations and Amnesty International, urging the Bush administration and the House and Senate for supports and resolution to the Korean abductees.

By Young Sun Lee
[email protected]