CBS to Televise Special on Interfaith Peacemakers

Sep 25, 2003 06:35 PM EDT

LOUISVILLE - While much of the Iraq War debate is centered on whether the U.S.-led effort is a "just war," many theologians continue to focus on how to prevent wars and bring forgiveness to peace processes after wars. On Oct. 12, the CBS television network will telecast "Peacemakers," a closer look at a few of the world's peacemakers, their organizations, programs and insights. The half-hour program will air at 8:00 a.m., Eastern Time.

It is being produced with the cooperation of the National Council of Churches - including the Presbyterian Church (USA), The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, The Jewish Theological Seminary and the Southern Baptist Broadcast Communication Group. John P. Blessington is the executive producer of the special and Ted Holmes is the producer.

Some of those featured on the program include:

*John Paul Lederach, a Mennonite who teaches peace building at the University of Notre Dame and who has worked in West Africa, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Northern Ireland and elsewhere;

*The Rev. Patricia Ackerman, an Episcopal priest who is part of the Fellowship of Reconciliation's Iraq working group;

*William Vendley, secretary general of the World Conference of Religions for Peace; and

*Masanko Banda, vice-president of Pathways to Peace.