Pro-Life Bill May be Political Scam, Activist Warns

( [email protected] ) Oct 26, 2003 10:57 PM EST

Randall Terry, the founder of one of the largest peaceful civil disobedience movements, warned that the bill to ban partial birth abortion may hold unforseen consequences, October 23.

According to Terry, the Ban may provide substantial benefits in regards to public relations, but in actually, may not insure the safety of an unborn child.

"The major benefit of this bill is the debate that surrounds it: 1) Abortion and abortion procedures are discussed in the news media, hence the public is educated; 2) The public sees how completely barbaric and violent partial-birth abortion is; 3) Voters see who supports this crime against children and mothers,” Terry said.

“The ethics behind partial-birth abortion are the same as those that justified Nazi concentration camps and American slavery. History will show that abortion in America was a gross betrayal of human rights and a crime against humanity," he continued.

However, the bill to ban such unwarranted practices, even if it is passed, may lack the real power to affect any rulings in court.

"This bill, if it becomes law, may not save one child's life. The Federal Courts are likely to strike it down. This bill would only insure that unborn children would be murdered in some other hideous fashion,” Terry continued.

Furthermore, said Randall, the bill may merely be a “political scam” by political leaders to gain support from pro-life advocates for the upcoming elections.

“The bill also provides political cover in an election season to cowardly 'pro-life' political leaders who have done little for the pro-life cause,” Terry warned. “Worse yet, this bill would provide political cover for supporters of Roe-v-Wade within both parties, especially the Republican Party whose constituents are pro-life.

“This enables certain pro-choice Congressmen to support this bill and play both sides of the political fence. If the President and Congress want to accomplish a small, but real step, they should outlaw all abortions after 20 weeks -- the age when a baby can live outside the womb." Terry stated.

Randall Terry is the founder and president of Operation Rescue. He also serves as the President of the Society for Truth and Justice.