Worldwide Impact of Same-Sex Marriage Anticipated

( [email protected] ) Feb 22, 2004 02:06 AM EST

Court hearing on CCF vs. Mayor Gavin Newsom is ongoing as it is expected to resume on March 29th and the societal chaos Newsom has stirred across the nation seems to expand to bring damage to the other parts of the globe.

"The harm that has already been visited on not even just the State of California or our nation but the world is reported that couples have shown up from Africa to obtain these bogus certificates," Steve Crampton, chief counsel for the American Family Association Center for Law & Policy said.

He expressed much of concern over what is happening saying that the nation "may well suffer consequences for months and months to come as a result of this action."

Whether or not it is legally valid, thousands of homosexual couples have already been caught up in excitement since the mayor of San Francisco issued marriage licenses to them last week and the issue is becoming extremely troublesome as more people seem to take a supportive action toward allowing same-sex marriages.

According to Agape Press, a county clerk in New Mexico, Victoria Dunlap, says it has nothing to do with "politics or morals" and they are planning to issue marriage licenses for same-sex couples since state law defines marriage as a civil contract between contracting parties. It does not mention gender.

In nearby Texas, Professor J. Budziszewski of the University of Texas, who wrote ¡°What We Can¡¯t Not Know¡± in defense of the natural or moral law says marriage as a union of a man and a woman -- for the procreation and nurturing of children -- was not created by government, and cannot truly be redefined by government.

Budziszewski said humans can refuse to obey the natural law and that legalizing same-sex marriage could be a way to lessen homosexuals¡¯ guilty conscience with a counterfeit, but he believes it will actually spread confusion and weaken society¡¯s foundation. but must then pay the price of guilty knowledge that demands repentance and justification, Agape Press reported.

Pro-family activist Gary Bauer believes allowing same-sex marriage is a beginning step that marks the end which means "the total destruction of marriage, family, and ultimately, society as we know it today."

Bauer also addressed the need to consider the impact of such marriages, calling it ¡®bizarre¡¯ relationship, on children in the future and asked if anyone is in concern regarding children.

"The same arguments made today to support homosexual 'marriage' -- equality and fairness -- will be used to support polygamous marriages and multi-parent relationships tomorrow," Bauer says. "And, frankly, those arguments will be just as valid if we cannot draw the line now at one man and one woman."