Christians Outraged Over

( [email protected] ) Mar 19, 2004 08:15 AM EST

PHILADELPHIA -- Many Christians and Christian advocate groups are outraged by “Jesus Dress-Up” refrigerator magnets that are currently being sold through online and at the nationwide clothing store, Urban Outfitters, in Philadelphia and New York, calling it degradation of a sacred symbol.

With the magnet, the users are allowed to clothe Jesus on the cross, who is only wearing briefs, in a variety of secular, appalling outfits such as a Satan mask and tights, ballerina outfit, bunny slippers, a tuxedo, etc.

Upon hearing the news about the refrigerator magnets, America Family Association is mobilizing people to tell Urban Outfitters chairman Richard Hayne to stop selling such products that are assaulting to Christian faith.

"I did a double take. It just seemed unbelievable to see something like that," said Gerry from Philadelphia, who saw the magnets displayed at a local Urban Outfitters store.

"I basically stood there speechless," Gerry said. He said he was shocked by the magnetic game showing Jesus on the cross, clad in underwear with interchangeable outfits like a devil costume, a skull T-shirt and a hula skirt.

"Is it because it's Jesus Christ, that it's OK to bash on Jesus? Is that more fashionable than some other religious figure from history?" Gerry asked.

The seller, Bob Smith, who claims to be an atheist, says he is doing nothing wrong. He says he is making money the same way Mel Gibson is with his film “The Passion of Christ.”

“I don't think there's anything wrong with religious satire,” said Smith. “People have got to learn to laugh at themselves, it's part of human nature.”

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