The Faith at Work Movement

( [email protected] ) Mar 23, 2004 09:01 AM EST

FORT WORTH, Texas – According to NBC news, employers are noticing a new movement emerging in the American workplace as more people are bringing their faith to the office publicly. Not only the employers are in note of such movement, but the religious scholars are also noticing such trend calling it “the faith at work movement.”

While hundreds of workplace ministries have been formed across the nation, a law firm located in New York is known for its ministry where the employees gather on the third Thursday of each month to hold a Bible study or a discussion of such topics as on the movie “The Passion of the Christ.”

Joe Rutta, who is also a member of the Christian legal society, said: "I try to live my life by Christian principles throughout the day, and I think that trying to cut that off in the middle of my workday and not be natural in who you are would be a bit odd.”

"If you can discuss everything else under the sun at work, why not? Why exclude God?" Rutta added.

Workers hold prayer meeting and bible study in the office to main their own faith but they also incorporate biblical ideas on the job. It is expected that as more Americans feel the need of holding onto faith, more workplaces will open to having religious conversation.

Looking at “the faith at work movement” emerging within workplaces in America and more employers seeking to bring spiritual beliefs into workplaces across the nation, David Miller, professor at Yale University, gave an explanation on why such trend came about.

According to Miller, the recent scandals have caused many in corporate America to seek more ethical ways of doing business and to question themselves the value of their work.

"What do I do with my life, what [does] it mean to be a CEO, how can I please God through my work, can this be a vocation or a calling? Well, the Christian faith and many others say, 'Yes it can be,'" Miller said.