Pledge Supporters Rally Outside U.S. Supreme Court

( [email protected] ) Mar 24, 2004 02:53 PM EST

Pledge of Allegiance supporters took part in a demonstration today, March 24, outside the U.S. Supreme Court as the court hears arguments from Michael Newdow Michael, who challenged the Pledge of Allegiance on behalf of his daughter. The U.S. Supreme Court is considering whether the words 'under God' must be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance during its recitation in public schools, an important case on church-state separation.

More than 100 supporters of the pledge recited the pledge emphasizing the phrase "under God."

"After today, this court will decide whether America remains one nation under God or whether we shake a fist in God's face," the Rev. Rob Schenck, president of the National Clergy Council, told a crowd of people carrying signs that read: "I support the pledge."