Bush Celebrates Easter in Prayer of American Soldiers

( [email protected] ) Apr 12, 2004 09:56 AM EDT

FORT HOOD, Texas – President Bush celebrated Easter with his family at a local church in Fort Hood, Texas and sent condolences to the U.S. soldiers in Iraq who were killed last week.

"My prayers and thoughts are with those who paid the ultimate price for our security," Bush said as he was speaking to reporters after attending services.

Dozens of wounded soldiers have returned for treatment at the Darnall Army Community Hospital; Bush visited 11 of them, awarding 10 Purple Heart medals.

Asked whether he expected the violence to abate soon, Bush said: "It's hard to tell. I know this, that we're plenty tough, and we'll remain tough."

"Obviously, every day I pray there is less casualty, but I know what we are doing in Iraq is right" Bush said. "It's right for long-term peace. It's right for the security of our country. And it's hard work."