Salvation Army 's Recovery Program Relocates in Kuwait City

( [email protected] ) Apr 16, 2004 11:13 AM EDT

The Salvation Army’s relief team in southern Iraq has temporarily moved to Kuwait City because of the unsettled atmosphere created after the fall of Hussein’s dictatorship, which has made it difficult for the team members to proceed with their projects.

Community Recovery Program in Al Amarah, Iraq has been ongoing since April 2003, playing an extensive role in the recovery of the city. The Salvation Army implemented projects which have completed successfully in refurbishing 3 clinics and over 40 schools, providing vocational skills training and education opportunities for hundreds of school children, installing street lighting, and undertaking many other construction activities that have improved water and sanitation supplies in the community.

The recovery program will continue in Kuwait under the leadership of Captain Bruce Coffey and his wife Pauline.