Habitat's "Faith Works!" Project

( [email protected] ) Apr 16, 2004 06:17 PM EDT

Habitat for Humanity’s “Faith Works!” was supposed to end today but it will end tomorrow, Saturday, April 17, because of the heavy rain. “Faith Works!” started Monday, in partnership with Gospel Music Association. Habitat has been receiving financial support from GMA but this project is the first time for GMA to actually get involved in building houses.

Karen Peterson-Lienau, Director of Special Event, said: “The project is going very well. GMA artists and staff members are helping us. The majority of the staff came and helped us building houses the entire first day. It was a wonderful experience and an opportunity for the volunteers to serve us in this matter again. “

She added, “Because Habitat is a Christian organization, it was natural fit to have Gospel Music Association in partnership.”