Compassionate Response to Social Needs

( [email protected] ) Apr 24, 2004 12:23 PM EDT

IDAHO -- In collaboration of faith-based groups, community agencies, and the social work department of Northwest Nazarene University of Nampa, Idaho, North American Association of Christian in Social Work (NACSW) is sponsoring a conference April 30 –May 1 focusing on “Social Needs: Compassionate Responses.”

The third annual conference will focus on the goal of bridging the professional gap between the social, medial, and faith communities. NAACSW reported that the conference would accomplish the goal by joining together in professional development and spiritual edification to build for a stronger healing presence in the communities of Idaho.

The conference will hold a series of workshops including, “Stages of Homelessness”, “Community Justice in Practice”, “Helping Churches Create Programs for Healthy Families”, “The Other Latino Experience”, “How to Recruit, Train and Retain Volunteers”, and “Reaching Youth in Crisis: Through Church & Social Service Collaborations”.

Conference speakers include:

· Dr. Verna Carson, national director of Restore Behavioral Health from Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Carlson works in the field of psychiatric nursing and will be addressing the topic of professional self-care.

· Dr. Randy Newcomb, vice -president for Organizational Learning at the Omidyar Foundation will be sharing his views on the changing role of philanthropy within the social service arena and being people of faith and compassion within the context of a pluralistic society.