Compassion and Christian Musicians Reach Out to Poor Children

( [email protected] ) Apr 27, 2004 02:40 PM EDT

Christian music artists are co-working with Christian humanitarian groups to further expand nationwide efforts to solve social problems relating to poverty. Last week, Gospel Music Association partnered with Habitat for Humanity observed housing problems and built houses for poor families. This coming week GMA will come together with Compassion International, one of the world's largest child development agencies, to sponsor the 35th annual GMA Music Awards, which is also known as the Dove Awards, April 28, which will take place in Nashville, Ten.

The event will be the biggest national music night of the year where top gospel artists perform and honor the Dove Award. During the course of the live event, which will also be broadcasted through satellites, Compassion is planning to address the issues of impoverished children around the world and provide viewers across the nation with opportunities to help impoverished children and bring them the gospel of Christ.

On top of its involvement in the GMA Music Awards, Compassion is supporting a number of activities at the GMA convention, such as a National Christian Radio Seminar (NCRS) luncheon and Sunday night worship with Michael W. Smith. Compassion International is the producer of Speak Up With Compassion, a one-minute radio feature aired on more than 500 outlets nationwide.

"A number of Christian music artists are Compassion sponsors. They've seen the hope that Compassion brings to children around the world," said Mark Hanlon, Compassion's vice president of sponsor/donor development. "Through sponsorship of the GMA Music Awards, our goal is to take that message of hope to a broader audience and reach more children for Christ."

Recording artist Rebecca St. James said her involvement with Compassion affects more than just her and her sponsored child.

"My involvement with Compassion has expanded my worldview. It also expands the worldview of those who come to my concerts," she said. "Compassion offers a practical way to share the love of Jesus with some very precious children."

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