Homosexuality and Abortion Not Declared as Human Rights

( [email protected] ) May 01, 2004 11:35 AM EDT

Pro-Family advocates won the hearts of U.N. over the issue of homosexuality and abortion. At the meeting of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, the nations argued whether accepting abortion and homosexuality is protecting one’s human right or going against morality. Focus on the Family reported that at the end, morality prevailed.

The Focus on the Family United Nations representative Thomas Jacobson said the victory is important because the commission's decisions carry a lot of weight.

"If sexual orientation became an international human right," he explained, "then there would be pressure applied through the U.N. upon nations to remove their laws prohibiting sodomy."

"Even the Supreme Court . . . based the decision in Lawrence v. Texas (which struck down a Texas sodomy statute) on a European Human Rights court decision that was a bad decision," Jacobson said, referring to what is happening in the U.S.

"The overall impression was that the immoral agenda of the deviants was not a good thing for humanity and for human beings generally," said Dr. Farooq Hassan, a U.N. diplomat and former member of the commission. "I think President Bush's personal intervention in this matter has been a great help, and there's no doubt that the weight the Untied States has put behind this entire agenda (helped)."

According to Jacobson, the battle over the status of homosexuality and abortion will again take place at next year’s Commission on Human Rights meeting. meeting.