Christians Denounce Abuse of Iraqis

( [email protected] ) May 04, 2004 08:23 AM EDT

WASHINGTON – The U.S. is at shock hearing the news about immoral mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners by the U.S. soldiers. While the nation is denouncing the U.S. and British army for alleged abuse of Iraqi prisoners, Christian leaders of all denominations – Catholic, Evangelical, Orthodox, and Protestant are also demanding the U.S. to offer humble apology for the victims of abuse. National Clergy Council president the Reverend Dr. Rob Schenck wrote a statement representing all the leaders in the council. He wrote:

"If proven true, this criminal behavior demands swift and thunderous denunciation by the highest of military officials and the perpetrators must be severely punished. We call on the proper authorities to immediately investigate and if necessary to prosecute these actions, punish the guilty, and to offer to the victims, their families, all Iraqis and Arabs everywhere a complete and humble apology and restitution. This form of abuse is shameful and supremely immoral; it injures victims in particularly harmful ways and it irreparably damages the integrity of American and British culture."

Meanwhile, President Bush has called Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to discuss the mistreatment, and said the U.S. military should take “appropriate action.”