Christians for Faith-based Initiatives Holds 2004 National Forum

( [email protected] ) May 07, 2004 06:06 AM EDT

The Christians For Faith-based Initiatives (CFBI) is holding the 2004 National Forum in Washington, DC at the US Capitol from May 25 – 26, which is a conference organized to support faith-based initiative so that more opportunities could be created for its members to secure federal resources to provide needed services and assistance in their communities.

Various Christian groups across the nation, such as World Vision, Salvation Army, World Relief, North American Association of Christian Workers, and Evangelicals for Social Action will come together to attend the event.


Chairman of CFBI, Ron Sider, explained further on what CFI has been accomplished in his invitational letter to Christian organizations. He wrote, “CFI has been successful in gaining access for its members and constituents to the federal faith-based initiative as it has evolved over the past four years. CFBI has also given national voice to such important congressional measures as the right for religious groups to hire within their religious traditions; and ensuring that faith-based organizations have equitable access to federal and state grants and voucher programs. Finally CFBI has been active in advocating the significance and effectiveness of value and character-based approaches to address problems of poverty, abuse and neglect.”

With its vision to promote the right partnership between churches and government in better serving families, children, the sick and hungry and maintaining social safety, CFBI has serving as a coalition of national and regional faith-based networks, local faith-based groups, congregations and religious leaders.

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