Humanity Under Attack in Sudan

( [email protected] ) May 07, 2004 06:06 AM EDT

Sudan is suffering from a massive ethnic war in the western Darfur region, led by Arab Muslim military group, killing thousands of people and driving out millions of African tribes to a refugee camp in other regions.

While people in Sudan are calling out for peace, Christian humanitarian groups and churches are working together to provide emergency relief to the refugees who are starving.

“Each day many Sudanese do not know how they are going to survive. They have no means to care for themselves. They feel there is little hope,” said Ben Homan, president of Food for the Hungry, “We want to help provide that hope -- with immediate needs like food and medical care -- and by treating people with the respect that they deserve.”

The U.S. based Human Rights Watch has called for a U.N. mission to investigate on the unspeakable attack, accusing the Sudan government for committing crimes against humanity.