History of the Salvation Army Famous Doughnut

( [email protected] ) May 15, 2004 02:19 PM EDT

Across the nation, The Salvation Army will be celebrating its National Salvation Army Week, May 10-16. On top of various activities designed for worship to honor their service in the name of God, they will be serving The Salvation Army Famous Doughnut. The Salvation Army shares the history of their Famous Doughnut.

What is The Salvation Army Famous Doughnut?

The Salvation Army Famous Doughnut is the first and only cause-marketing product bearing The Salvation Army brand. The idea was borne out of The Salvation Army's Northwest Divisional Headquarters office in Seattle and through the guidance of compassionate business members and the hard work of Army staff and volunteers - what was once just a dream has become reality. The Famous Doughnut serves as an extension of The Salvation Army's mission to battle hunger, homelessness and hopelessness in communities across the United States.

The Salvation Army Famous Doughnut – History

The first Famous Doughnuts were made by a Salvation Army Lassie on the front lines of WWI. Putting the needs of hungry American soldiers before her own safety, the Lassie made use of the simple ingredients she had access to; mixing flour, evaporated milk, sugar and eggs in a refuse pail.

Ever resourceful, the Lassie used a rolling pin and began frying the doughnuts - seven at a time - in a soldier's steel helmet on an 18-inch stove. Soldiers would stand in the pelting rain and thick mud waiting for this unique kind of soul food and a smile or kind word from the Lassie. These makeshift doughnut kitchens became safe havens in a very chaotic world.

The Salvation Army Famous Doughnut is again on the front-lines of war. This time around, however, the battle is being fought against the unfair penalties of poverty: hopelessness, homelessness and hunger. Each time a box of Famous Doughnuts is sold, The Salvation Army's financial ammunition against hopelessness, homelessness and hunger is replenished.

Where Can I Find The Salvation Army Famous Doughnut?

You can find The Salvation Army Famous Doughnut at your local Fred Meyer starting January 5, 2004.