Missionaries Work Throughout Serbia

Apr 17, 2003 04:09 PM EDT

As Kosovars in Serbia celebrate their liberation, missionaries work throughout the nation to advance the gospel. Marie Waldschmidt is with Greater Europe Mission and is working in the region and says the Kosovars are empathetic to the Iraqi people. “They themselves experienced the bombing as being a liberation and they're thankful that they have peace right now. They believe the Iraqi people will better understand a few years from now - that many of them don't understand now, but they'll be very thankful later. And so, I would say over 90-percent of the population here is very supportive of Americans.” That support has opened many doors to share the Gospel as reconstruction continues there. “We're just able to help them practically with relief and communicate God's love to them. There's a presence and an openness and an opportunity like there has never been in this nation for 100 years at least.”

By Pauline J.