Mass. Senate Votes to Repeal Law Used by Gov. Romney to Deny Licenses to Nonresidents

( [email protected] ) May 20, 2004 05:00 PM EDT

Although same-sex couples are flocking to Massachusetts from around the country to wed, not all of the marriage licenses will be valid if Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is successful in enforcing a 1913 state law that bars licenses to be issued to out-of-state couples.

Romney has asked the state's attorney general to look into a "handful" of cases of out-of-state gay couples receiving marriage licenses in Massachusetts. He is also seeking court action against four--Worcester, Springfield, Somerville and Provincetown--that have violated his policy by issuing licenses to nonresidents.

The Massachusetts State Senate voted Wednesday, 28-3, to repeal the application of the 1913 law on same-sex marriages. In order to take effect, the repeal must also pass the House, a more conservative body than the Senate.