Another Wave of Homosexual "Marriage" Begins in Massachusetts

Weekend rallies and events to protect marriage scheduled
( [email protected] ) May 21, 2004 07:05 AM EDT

A second wave of same-sex couples have 'tied the knot' in Massachusetts on Thursday, May 20 - the first day after the three-day waiting period between applying for a marriage license and getting "married" passed.

Despite the strict law placed by the governor Mitt Romney, prohibiting all out-of-state gay couples from getting “married,” several of the clerks continued to give the non-Massachusetts couples licenses.

Additionally, several of the very liberal Christian denominations joined in the “celebrations” on Thursday, by “marrying” dozens of homosexual couples in their pews. The self-proclaimed "Christian" group Unitarian Universalists has been at the forefront of “blessing” these unions. The United Church of Christ has also been a avid supporter of such “marriages.”

Meanwhile, the more evangelical churches began mobilizing their members to take action against the “marriages.” The Assemblies of God, on Wednesday, publicly called on their members to freely insert literature explaining the denomination’s position against same-sex "marriage" and the reason a Federal Marriage Amendment to protect traditional marriage was necessary. Many of the Southern Baptist leaders also voiced their concern over the “day of infamy” when the legalization of such “marriages” occurred.

This weekend, many of these Christian leaders will join together for a 90-minute broadcast explaining and informing the Christian public to speak out for traditional marriage. Prayers will also be offered at the local level. Additionally, there will be a rally on Sunday, May 23, in Arlington Texas. Sponsored by the Promise Keepers men’s ministry, the event will draw black Church leaders from across the nation. The Campaign for California families have also scheduled a rally on May 22nd at the capitol of California.