500 Christians Protest in Sacramento for Traditional Marriage

( [email protected] ) May 24, 2004 08:40 AM EDT

SACRAMENTO – With only 3 days left before the California State Supreme Court hears arguments on whether the San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom abused his authority by allowing same-sex couples “marry” earlier this year, the pro-family “Campaign for California Families” organized a successful rally at the state Capitol to express the voice of “the silent majority,” on May 22, 2004.

“One man, one woman, keep it that way!” the crowd of some 500 Christians and pro-family advocates shouted three times in unison as they pointed toward the sky.

The main speaker, 2000 presidential nominee Alan Keyes, reminded the audience the duty they had to the future generations in keeping marriage sacred.

“This is not the end of a battle but the beginning of a struggle that will prove life or death for our freedom,” said Keyes. “It’s time to go boldly, citizens of faith, so we save this last best hope and let our future generations bless us and not curse us.”

Keyes also spoke amid loud cheers and “amens” of the faithful reasons to stand behind traditional marriage.

“I believe we must do what every previous generation has done – Begin with the truth,” said Keyes. “It’s not a power we get from Congress or from politicians, but a power we get from our God, our Lord and our Faith.”

Keyes was among some 12 speakers who urged the crowd to “speak on behalf of the silent majority.”

The protestors agreed.

“I absolutely believe Christians can make a difference,” said Roxanne Rocha from the Century Assembly church in Lodi California. “We’ve got to wake up, put on the armor and sharpen the sword of the word.”

“We’re standing up for marriage as it was designed – for one man and one woman only,” said Allen Hector of the Combie Bible Church. “We’re standing up for what is right, because marriage is the foundation of our country.”

Joanne, who came out to the rally with her husband Allen, summarized her view in one sentence: “God invented it.”

According to Raymond Kwong, one of the organizers of the event, the crowd consisted of “99% Christians that were concerned over the potential destruction of traditional marriage.”

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, the California State Supreme Court will hear arguments on whether Mayor Newsome out-stepped his boundaries by allowing gay couples to “marry,” despite a passed legislation that bars such unions in California.