'Battle for Marriage' Simulcast Broadcasted by 500 Churches and 1,500 Radio Stations

( [email protected] ) May 24, 2004 03:02 PM EDT

The nationally broadcasted rally for “Faith, Family and Freedom: The Battle for Marriage” at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Co., was the largest rally among those that took place over the weekend, drawing over 3,200 people. In addition, 500 churches and 1,500 radio stations nationwide took part in the simulcast where the nation’s leading evangelical and pro-family leaders revived their call for the passage of a constitutional amendment protecting traditional marriage.

Event speakers included Focus on the Family's Dr. James Dobson, Prison Fellowship's Chuck Colson, National Evangelical Association's Ted Haggard, Bishop Wellington Boone of the Fellowship of International Churches and Family Research Council's Tony Perkins all spoke live at the New Life Church with the exception of Colson who used a videotaped message.

Colson called evangelical Christians “the great sleeping army” as he spoke of the negative impact of sanctioning motherless and fatherless homes.

Dobson said same-sex marriage is a threat to families and religious freedom. The legislation of legalizing same-sex marriage would also force schools to teach homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle. He then warned the viewers that same-sex marriages mean “the end of morality.”

Many homosexual advocates have been comparing to the push for same-sex marriage to the civil rights movement. Boone like many African-American pastors debunked the association between the two. He confidently referred to the battle for marriage as being “already won” and a “done deal.”

Outside the church during the 90-minute simulcast, around 25 Christian protestors who were in support of same-sex marriage held a prayer vigil.

“We are not afraid of (homosexuals). We are afraid of God,” said Boone.

Perkins, who called on viewers to reign in the judicial tyranny, performed an interesting stunt to illustrate his point of traditional marriage being destroyed if the Federal Marriage Amendment does not pass by smashing a wedding cake.

"If Congress fails to act, there is no doubt that activist judges will bring same-sex 'marriage' to every state in the union,” said Perkins in a released statement on May 24. “Until now, the Church has largely been on the sidelines - but the passionate response to last night's event shows that Christians are beginning to enter the game. I believe the impact of a fully engaged Church will change the political landscape, and it will dwarf the efforts of those who are seeking to redefine marriage and family."

The event was the evangelical response to the legalization of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts last week, according Haggard.

Since Massachusetts began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples on May 17, multiple rallies have been held around the nation to protest the act. During the same weekend of the simulcast, a rally on May 22 in Arlington, Texas, organized by African-American pastors part of the “Not On My Watch” Committee, drew 1,000 supporters while another rally in Sacramento, Ca. on May 23 drew around 500 people to the Capital.

Perkins has also pledged that FRC will do its part in fighting the cause.

“This broadcast is just the beginning of FRC's efforts to mobilize the tens of millions of Americans who believe marriage is worth defending,” said Perkins.

According to Perkins, every national poll has shown that more than two-thirds of the American public opposes redefining marriage.

“We're committed to turning that statistic into action on Capitol Hill."