Car Ministries: Reviving Our Daily Spiritual Lives.

( [email protected] ) May 26, 2004 10:44 AM EDT

Car Ministries: Reviving Our Daily Spiritual Lives.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

The mechanic’s shop is an unusual place to hold a ministry. Cars and car parts in various states of repair, equipment strewn in disarray- these are not the typical images of the place of God. However, churches around the nation are starting up “car ministries”, giving witness to another way that God’s hand can touch our daily life and work.

The first car ministry was founded by the Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago fifteen years ago. Since then, hundreds of car ministries have been established by religious organizations. Church organizations recognized that many members of their congregations, in particular single mothers, the elderly, and the poor, were dependent on their vehicles and in need of trust-worthy and reasonably priced mechanical services.

The car ministries provide fix-up service, at a low price or for free, depending on the situation of the customer. They also service donated cars to sell or give away to those in need. Customers also receive advice on how to keep their cars running well, all from a source they can trust.

For the people who make use of the service and the mechanics involved, the car ministries are a miracle from God. After getting her car fixed, one woman commented that the mechanic was “an angel in disguise.” The customers are truly thankful for the help they receive.

On the other end, the mechanics working in the ministries see the work of God through the “healing” of cars. At a shop for the Cedar Park Assembly of God church in Bothell, WA, the mechanics will start each day with prayer and thank God for His help in fixing the cars. For them, they are able to help people and bear witness to God in their daily work.