Update: World Vision Enters Second Stage of Emergency Response

( [email protected] ) Jun 04, 2004 01:28 PM EDT

According to a World Vision news release, the Christian-based humanitarian agency has been engaged in several approaches to aiding the victims of the massive flood that killed some 2,000 people in the Caribbean.

In the Dominican Republic, World Vision responded by distributing food, water, clothing and diapers to more than 3,000 people. WV also set up several 24-hour health care centers in the town of Jimani where some of the worst flooding occurred.

In Haiti, WV dispatched emergency response staff and communicators to the worst affected areas; according to WV, relief efforts in the region have been hampered by the flood; virtually all the flood areas can only be accessed by helicopter or on foot, since the floods have obliterated many existing roads and infrastructure.

"Recognizing the serious constraints that we're facing, we're hoping to concentrate our relief efforts in communities along the coast and inland between Belle Anse and Grand Gosier," said WVHaiti National Director Wesley Charles. "We're going to do further assessments this week to determine next steps and how soon we can take them."

The WV has initiated the second phase of its response system, which concentrates on long term recovery, such as the reconstruction of flood-damaged and destroyed homes, and assisting the recovery of small businesses and livelihoods within flooded communities.