Pro-Homosexual Demonstration Expected at Next Pro-family Love Won Out Conference

( [email protected] ) Jun 09, 2004 11:39 AM EDT

During Focus on the Family’s next Love Won Out Conference scheduled on June 12 at Raleigh’s Crossroads Fellowship in Raleigh, N.C., the Raleigh chapter of the National Organization for Women, a pro-homosexual group, is organizing a demonstration against the conference which gives a way out for those who are gay but wish to change.

"The opposition being staged by pro-gay activists in Raleigh is just another example of their myopic misapplication of tolerance," said Mike Haley, who leads the Love Won Out Conferences.

Haley, a former homosexual but now married with two children, recently authored a book on the “101 FAQ About Homosexuality” and knows that a turnabout is possible.

"Thousands of men and women know firsthand that there is a way out of unwanted homosexuality,” he said. “Attempting to silence and discredit us shows a cruel disregard for individual civil and human rights - it's our right to choose to not be gay."

The Raleigh conference will be the 28th Love Won Out Conference and will for the first time offer a session entitled, “Straight Thinking on Gay Marriage”, in response to the May 17 date when Massachusetts legalized gay marriages. Glenn Stanton, author of "Why Marriage Matters," who will host the session.

Conference speakers include experts in the field of homosexuality and gender identity, such as Joseph Nicolosi, Ph.D., president of the National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality. Dr. Nicolosi has written A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality and has appeared on the Fox's News Channel's O'Reilly Factor. Other speakers include Dick Carpenter, Ph.D., a veteran teacher, principal and college professor.

Haley said pro-homosexual activists are adamant in demanding only their viewpoints promoted.

"In the name of tolerance, gay activists continue to saturate our culture with a self-serving message regarding homosexuality that demands the silencing of all opposing viewpoints,” said Haley.

Despite their challenge, "many people are tired of being lied to,” he continued, “and are hungering for the truth.”

“Our hope is that June 12 will be a day of hope and healing for them,” he concluded.

Since its inception in 1998, Focus on the Family's Love Won Out conference has shared its message with more than 22,000 people in 27 cities internationally and has experienced nearly a 25 percent increase in attendance over the past year.

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