Thousands to Rally in Support of Marriage at Downtown Los Angeles

( [email protected] ) Jun 23, 2004 10:50 PM EDT

Thousands of Christians are expected to voice their support of traditional marriage by sporting red t-shirts that read “marriage = 1 man + 1 woman” and marching through downtown Los Angeles on June 27, 2004.

According to Rev. David Lee, the director of Chinese Christian Herald Crusade and one of the main event organizers, the rally has drawn the support of more than 120 churches to date.

“We gathered almost all the churches from this area, and we are anticipating several thousands of Christians to show up,” said Lee. “All will be wearing the red t-shirt.”

Lee explained that while most of the participants will be Chinese-Christians, the event is open to people of all faiths and of all nationalities.

“We are not limiting the attendance to church people only,” said Lee. “We extend our membership to all. As long as they accept the measure, they can be part of us.”

Nonetheless, Lee added that Christians as a whole should actively support the cause.

“There is a reason the churches should mobilize, because our faith says we need to support traditional marriage,” said Lee. “Ezekiel 33 talks of the watchmen, who has to voice the trumpet.”

“I don’t know how much we could accomplish through this rally; we could be only a tiny little voice,” continued Lee. “But it is our responsibility to raise our voice. Although we may not be able to change the current situation, we must at least fulfill our part.”

The rally is sponsored by Los Angeles Christians for Traditional Marriage, Chinese Coordination Center for World Evangelism USA, Great Commission Center International, Chinese Christian Herald Crusades and the Greater Los Angeles Chinese Ministerial Association.

Most of these groups partook in the massive rally held in San Francisco on April 27 for the same cause.

Dr. Thomas Wong, who spoke at the San Francisco event, will also be addressing the crowd in Los Angeles this weekend.

Dr Lee elucidated the reasons why such rallies are needed, especially among the Chinese and Christian community.

“The reason why we want to hold this event is because traditional marriage must be protected,” began Lee. “If the boundary of one man and one woman is broken, in the future there will be more bizarre family makeup- incest, polygamy, and animalism… the same argument goes on.”

“Its against our tradition as well, because families are very important element in the Chinese society,” he continued.

“If same sex people get married, the education and curriculum will see marriage differently, and this will harm our children,” he explained.

“Additionally, breaking traditional marriage will begin a culture where people begin to see more than one mode of marriage,” he said. “I definitely do not want a man as a daughter in law, nor would I want a woman as a son in law.”

“We feel that we are the majority,” he commented powerfully.

Lee said the rally would be “a peaceful protest.”

”We’re not trying to stir up hatred, but we support the concept of traditional family,” he said.

Lee also added that the event coordinators will be handing out postcards to mail to senators.

“We will give postcards to bring home, so the senators protect traditional marriage on July 15 when they meet.”

For more information, or to take part in the rally, visit the Christian Chinese Herald Crusade website at: