Global Advance to Africa

Apr 17, 2003 04:09 PM EDT

Global Advance recently completed two Frontline Shepard's conferences in northern Kenya. Global Advances' David Shibley says pastors in that region gathered together and made a significant pledge. “They made such a strong commitment to planting churches in the Islamic world. And, in both conferences in both Isiolo and Kukuyu where almost 1,200 pastors came together, they determined that they would go into the northern nations of Africa.” Shibley says this could be the turning point for evangelism in these countries that have long been closed to the Gospel. “The only way into some of the unreached peoples of northern Africa are if fellow Africans will go to them with the Gospel. Many times it is almost and impossibility for North Americans to go and in particularly in a heighten climate of hostility.”

By Pauline J.