Salvation Army Issues Emergency Appeal for Bangladesh Flood Victims

( [email protected] ) Jul 30, 2004 08:40 PM EDT

The Salvation Army issued an urgent appeal in response to the torrential flooding in Bangladesh, seeking funds and help that are “desperately and urgently needed,” on July 29, 2004.

Recent reports show that more than 23 million people have already been affected by the outpour of rain and melting snow that has covered over two-thirds of the country. The local fresh water supplies have already been polluted with sewage and “Black” or contaminated water has been sweeping through the streets and homes of millions of families. A conservative estimate of 450 Bangladeshis have already died from these floods.

According to the Salvation Army, the Christian organization’s local teams have ventured out in boats to take relief supplies to the affected families. Workers have successfully distributed food, clean water and aid to people stranded by the river for more than three weeks.

'This is the first relief aid that’s made it through to these dear people,' reported Lieut-Colonel Ethne Flintoff, the officer in charge of The Salvation Army's work in Bangladesh.

“The Salvation Army is asking for your help urgently,” the appeal stated. “Please give generously to the Bangladesh Flood Relief Effort today. Your donation will ensure that The Salvation Army can continue to give help where help is needed most.”

To give to the Bangladesh effort through Salvation Army, please go to: