Repent America Ejected from Stadium During Peaceful Protest

( [email protected] ) Aug 10, 2004 11:18 AM EDT

Members from the Philadelphia-based Christian group Repent America were ejected from the Phillies’ stadium on August 10 while they were holding a peaceful protest to the second annual “Gay Community Day,” which was being hosted by the Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball team at one of their games.

Repent America held up two types of signs, reading, “HOMOSEXUALITY IS SIN, CHRIST CAN SET YOU FREE!“ and the other, “PHILLIES PROMOTE HOMOSEXUALITY. STOP 'GAY DAY'!" outside the stadium before the game. The group also did open-air preaching, passed out Gospel literature, and had individual conversations with the attendees.

During the game, Repent America’s banner reading “HOMOSEXUALITY IS SIN, CHRIST CAN SET YOU FREE!“ attracted the attention of some homosexuals who then attempted to snatch and run away with the banner. Police then physically escorted members of Repent America from the stadium with little disregard for the acts committed by the homosexuals, according to Repent America reports. Other lewd acts committed by homosexuals included kissing in front of one of the banner.

At last year's inaugural event, Repent America was also removed from the Veterans Stadium where they were also holding a peaceful protest.