Salvation Army Provides Education for Uganda's Displaced Children

( [email protected] ) Aug 21, 2004 06:09 PM EDT

Salvation Army has announced the establishment of new schools and camps for the internally displaced children in Uganda, August 20, 2004. The new initiative addresses the long-forgotten violence in the nation where hundreds of children have been killed and hundreds more forcibly abducted over a period of several years.

According to the Salvation Army, thousands of children are currently living in Internally Displaced Camps (IDC), where food, clean water, adequate sanitation facilities and basic medical care are rarely seen “luxuries.”

“Getting an education is yet another huge problem for these children – and it's one of the problems that The Salvation Army is determined to help solve,” the Army stated.

“The Salvation Army team in Lira is busy making preparations in order to demonstrate – in practical, tangible ways – that the world has not forgotten the people there. Donations to The Salvation Army's Africa Crisis Fund will help provide for the needs of the victims of Uganda's 'forgotten crisis',” the Salvation Army wrote.