Pro-Abortion Group Admits Mioprostol Is Dangerous for Abortion

( [email protected] ) Sep 09, 2004 07:12 PM EDT

On Wednesday, Sep 08, 2004, an international pro-abortion group called Women on Waves (WOW) admitted that using the ulcer drug misoprostol to induce abortions is dangerous for women. The announcement was released shortly after operators of a Women on Waves’ abortion ship encouraged Portuguese women to use mioprostol for the induction of abortion.

The incident occurred when a Women on Waves’ ship was not allowed to dock in Portugal while they were on a mission aiming to distribute RU 486 abortion drug to local women. Operators on the ship later appeared on Portuguese Television to encourage for the use of mioprostol.

According to a report on WOW’s website, abortion with misoprostol could fail as much as 10% of the time, leaving women in dangerous medical situations.

"There is a risk of heavy bleeding for which a woman will have to be treated by a doctor," WOW said on its web site. "Also Misoprostol can cause very strong cramps, nausea and vomiting."

Feminists for Life president Serrin Foster told that WOW is putting women at risk, "WOW's website states that women die from illegal abortions because they have no doctor while simultaneously telling women how to self induce, knowing full well that this can result in death."

For Foster, Women on Waves' insistence that women turn to abortion to solve their problems highlights how the pro-abortion group fails to help women.

"We understand when women miscarry that it is an incredible loss. When a woman would intentionally miscarry, doesn't that speak volumes about how desperate she is? How will abortion solve her problems," Foster asked.

Foster concluded that WOW’s mission can solve nothing except leaving destroyed lives in their wake.

Women on Waves is an organization operating on mobile ships that sail to countries where abortion is illegal. With the use of a ship, ultrasounds and early medical abortions can be provided professionally and legally.