Up to Half-Million Expected to Attend May Day for Marriage Rally

May Day for Marriage national rally will urge Christians to take a stand for traditional marriage.
( [email protected] ) Oct 14, 2004 08:55 PM EDT

Up to half a million people are expected to crowd the National Mall in Washington D.C. tomorrow for the second May Day for Marriage rally, in which the nation’s top pro-family leaders will urge people to stand up for the sanctity of marriage.

Kyle Warnick, spokesman of May Day for Marriage, told The Christian Post Thursday that event organizers are expecting from 250,000 to 500,000 rally participants.

The first May Day for Marriage rally was held in Saeco Field in Seattle, organized by former Seattlehawk linebacker Ken Hutcherson, who is now pastor of Antioch Bible Church. Hutcherson first announced the Oct. 15 rally during last month’s pro-traditional marriage broadcasted rally sponsored by Focus on the Family and Family Research Council. He had hoped to one million heterosexual couples would turn out for the event.

The rally will be open to the public admission-free. It will take place from 12noon – 3 p.m. EST, between 7th and 14th Avenue. Family Research Council will be hosting a reception at its Washington D.C. office following the gathering.

For more information on the May Day for Marriage rally and for a complete list of the event's speakers, visit the event's Web site, www.maydayformarriage.com.