Human-Rights Organization Urging EU to Consider Chinese Human-Rights Abuse Cases

Cases of Chinese human rights-abuses is on the rise, reports human-rights watchdog International General Pardon
( [email protected] ) Dec 12, 2004 05:25 AM EST

In recent developments, Chinese Premier Jiabao Wen will meet key leaders of the European Union in Haagse of Netherlands from December 7 to December 8. In response to the proposed visit, human-rights abuse watchdog “International General Pardon” has release a December 6 report documenting Chinese human-rights abuse cases. They stated that the European Union should pay closer attention to the rise in cases of human rights abuse in China. Countless individuals have been unrightfully arrested and imprisoned over the months. The organization expressed hopes that the European Union would take into careful consideration the fact that there is little sign that the number of such cases will decrease any time sooner. In the report, the General Pardon organization urged EU leaders to consider the recent Chinese government’s attempted cover-up on the AIDS crisis, and brutal crackdown on labor-rights, religious, and ethnic-minority groups.

The International General Pardon has in the past also reported some cases concerning the systematic arrests of several key human rights, religions freedom, and labor rights activists. The report states that many such activists feel threatened for participating in human-rights organizations. Such individuals have not only faced government harassment and threats, but have also been arrest, detained, and beaten by government officials. The report detailing such cases reaches a total of 42 pages.

In response, Jiabao Wen reported that he would “talk more” with European Union Leaders about the recent allegations of human-rights abuse during the meeting.