Advertisement for Gay Marriages Rejected by Major TV Agencies

The Top Three Television Companies Reject Recent Ad Campaign by United Church of Christ
( [email protected] ) Dec 12, 2004 05:25 AM EST

The issue over gay marriages remains a topic of much heated debate this year. As gay marriage activists have pushed for their own agendas, many mainline denominations in the United States have been divided over issues such as allowing homosexuals into the church. The fact that many churches have succumbed to such pressure has turned the value of morality in this society upside down.

Even President Bush thought it necessary to point out that in the constitution, marriage should be a union between man and a woman, husband and a wife in order. Following President Bush’s willingness to work in favor of morality, eleven states have given their support to amend the constitution and forbid gay marriages.

However, many churches have openly approved the perversity in overturning the natural union of man and woman. Recently, the United Church of Christ has sponsored an advisement seeking to reverse the sanctity of marriage. This ad openly compares churches to exclusive nightclubs complete with bouncers. The ad showed gay couples as poor victims not being allowed into church, even though the Bible clearly states that to accept homosexual behavior is to court disaster. Ignoring this fact, the ad featured the letters, “Jesus would not reject anyone, so do we” – despite the fact that the Bible does clearly reveals homosexuality as an intolerable sin.

The ad was rightly rejected by the three of largest television agencies ABC, CBS, and NBC. The reason being that it opposes even the basic television etiquette.

ABC spokesman said, “We don’t allow such topics of controversy to be aired, though the ad was paid for.” CBC and NBC have also stood by ABC in rejecting the ad.

Not surprisingly, given the stubbornness of the United Church of Christ, the church’s chairman who had sponsored the ad allegedly expressed. He said that he wanted to be pleasing and kind to people by having the ad aired, and couldn’t “see any grounds for controversy.” However, all three television agencies firmly maintained their stance to not air the broadcast due to its questionable content.

Currently, the Unites Churches of Christ continues to maintain its stance on allowing homosexual entry into the church. Actions such as the recent ad campaign on live television only goes to show to what extreme the United Churches of Christ is determined to undermine the natural laws of marriage between man and woman. Truly, a church that does not adhere to the basic principles of the Bible must seek repentance.